Four More Years – Now What?

Baby Pouting

Just one of those days.

Election 2012 has come and gone.  Unless things change between now and the time you read this, we will have the same president.  I will admit that I am among the discouraged.  I respect the position of President very much, and I understand he has a very difficult job to do.  I, however, find it very difficult to trust and respect the man.  He does not fear God and does not respect His Word.  Those two alone are enough to get my “spidey sense” all tingly.  All that aside, the people have voted and he will continue to represent our country to the world.

So, what do we do now?

  1. We continue to acknowledge God’s power and sovereingty.  God has a plan for our country, and we must trust in Him as our only hope.  The hearts of men and rulers are of no challenge to the One who parts the sea.  If God wills, President Obama could become a man who fears God.
  2. We continue to pray just as fervently as we did before the election.
  3. We continue to stay politically alert.  With the other issues we face on a daily basis, it is easy to show apathy towards politics.  Apathy leads to bondage.
  4. We must acknowledge that we are no longer a country that stands for Biblical values.  In fact, Biblical Christians will increasingly become the minority as we face a world who hates our unwavering values and morals.
  5. We will continue to fight for the sanctity of life – unborn, aged, and everything in between.
  6. We will continue to fight for the family as God designed it, understanding it is our responsibility to raise our chldren – not the job of our government or our schools.
  7. We will continue to share the Gospel to every man, woman, and child in our city, state, nation, and the world.  This mandate will continue on till our Lord Jesus Christ returns.

Today is the day that the Lord has made.  Rejoice because we have a God who loves and cares for us.  We can not understand his hand, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD (Isaiah 55:8).


About jdarrington

I am a lover of God and a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ. I serve Him as the Associate Pastor to Children and Their Families at First Baptist Church of Borger, TX. For over 16 years I have pursued God’s call upon my life to minister to families in various forms and capacities. I serve alongside my wife, Ronnie, and my four beautiful and amazing children. Together we seek to bring children and their families to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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  1. Joel, you are a timely gift. Thank you for your strong but humble servant’s heart and for being bold enough to say the truths of God’s world in an unpopular time. You bless us all. ♥

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