Youth Camp:Day 2

Well, our first Full day of camp has completed, and the campers are beginning to settle down for a good night’s rest (yeah right, lol) God blessed with great weather again today, but we are certainly not opposed to Him providing a little rain. In Bible Study and at Worship, the students discussed connecting with authorities. There many people out there whom God has placed as an authority over us. Sometimes they are fair and make agreeable decisions. Other times, we consider the authorities in a negative manner as they can overuse their power and be oppressive. Yet, by still honoring these authorities we bring honor to God, as long as we are not asked to compromise our beliefs and faith practices.

Recreation hosted many team building activities which challenged the teams and forced them to think outside the box. The students also participated in Track Times, choice activities which included hiking or water games. For free time, the Zipline was going full force as students and adults climbed a 30ft pole up to a platform, and then rode down an 800 ft cable at speeds between 20-35 mph. The students were constantly attached to safety ropes at all times, making this one of the safest activities here at camp. A few students tried out the new 9 Hole Disc Golf. Others spent time building relationships and just hanging out.

Overall, camp is going very well. There are a few kinks in the schedule we are ironing out, but God is working on lives and everyone is having fun. Prayer requests for today:

  1. Continue to pray for safety. We will send our first group to do a little rafting tomorrow.
  2. There are so many students in bad home situations or other poor relationships. Pray for them.
  3. Pray for energy for the staff as they overwork to complete all the work needed to be done.
  4. There are students here who need to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  5. Though we need rain, the camp is trying to pour concrete for the new basketball court tomorrow.

We challenged our students to make personal, daily worship a priority. That extends to you, as well. How is your daily time with God? I pray that it is strong and getting stronger. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless.


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