Gallup Missions:Day 2

Today marked the first day of labor at our work sites.  Several of our team are working on dwellings out on reservation land, while others are here in town.  Our day began at 6:00 this morning with breakfast, and then a Great Send Off at 7:00.  Most of the teams were at the work site by 7:30, had a quiet time while there, and then introduced to the project details.  We worked solid until about 11:30, when lunch arrived.  First Baptist Church of Gallup are handling much of the logistics for the mission teams, including lunch meals and water bottles.  It is important that everyone stay well hydrated, about 32 oz of water per hour is the target.  Everyone was given a water bottle when we checked in, so it is up to them to keep it flowing.   During lunch, the students lead a devotional, and then back to work till 4:00.  Supper at 6:00 with Worship following, and then Church Devotional time.  After that, a little free time, then in bed by 11:00.  Tomorrow, the same thing.

Today was a very difficult day for several reasons. 1)  It is hard to work as long as we did in the heat when we are not used to it.  The weather is great and cool for this part of the country, but still can seem warm with no cloud cover and working on a roof with no shade.  We are all sore tonight and very tired.  2)  As the projects start, you ruin into snags here and there.  Several of the work sites had issues with falling roofs and lack of appropriate tools.  3)  We spent the day working with people we really don’t know very well.  It takes the first day just to get acquainted with each other.  All this to say that were assured that the hardest day is past us and that the rest of the week will flow very well.

Special stories we would like to share with you:

At the works site where me and Melissa Taylor are working, we were able to share our lunch with a man just wandering by.  While he had lunch, our Crew Leader shared the Gospel with the man and he invited Jesus into his heart.  This the first salvation recorded at the sites, and it was a privilege to be apart.

Three of the four teens that came with us are devotional leaders.  Their job is to lead the lunch devotion time while we eat and before we get back to work.  It can be difficult because there is pressure to make the time meaningful, yet there is work which needs to be finished.   Please lift up Hannah, Tyler, and Sam as they lead in this vital part of our mission work.

Others on our team had the opportunity to talk with neighbors about the work being done.  There are many curious people who walk by throughout the day.  It is our hope and prayer that we will be able to turn these encounters into opportunities to share Christ.

I have mentioned a few prayer requests already, but here are a few more:

1. Continued safety while at the projects.  We had a few close calls today, but God was faithful to protect.

2. Many students and adults come from lower elevations and do not heed the warnings to drink lots of fluids.  They are prone to getting sick and spending their time here in the hospital.  Two young ladies in Tyler Steele’s crew have been ill today.  Pray that they will begin to feel better and that all the workers will stay healthy.

3.  Pray that we will have more opportunities to share our faith with curious locals and their families.

4. Though the hardest day is done, continue to pray for strength for our team members.

I hope this gives you a little insight into how God is using us here in Gallup.  We covet your prayers and thank you for them.  Look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow night.  Go with God.


About jdarrington

I am a lover of God and a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ. I serve Him as the Associate Pastor to Children and Their Families at First Baptist Church of Borger, TX. For over 16 years I have pursued God’s call upon my life to minister to families in various forms and capacities. I serve alongside my wife, Ronnie, and my four beautiful and amazing children. Together we seek to bring children and their families to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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