Not-so-Extreme Couponing: $1,160.56 Saved to Date

Recently, a new show has aired called “Extreme Couponing”.  In this show, you see families taking multiple cart loads of groceries and other items to the cash register, digging through files of coupons, and watching the total purchase amount go from the hundreds and thousands to mere dollars.  Though the show is somewhat entertaining, lets not forget the first part of the title…”Extreme”.  Especially when we see the massive stockpiles of items stored under children’s beds, in every closet, some even have separate insurance policies on.

Well, thankfully my wife is not extreme in her couponing.  Yet, we have been able to cut our monthly grocery bill in half because of a little internet tool called The Grocery Game.  For a small, monthly subscription fee, The Grocery Game keeps track of coupons being published in the larger newspapers, identifies what items our local chain grocery stores have sales on, and matches the coupons to the sales.  I admit, you may stockpile a few items, but they are items that will be used eventually, especially in a large family like we have.  The best part is the extra money you save can go to a night at the movies with the family, or put back for a family vacation, or even help get your kids to camp this summer.  Check out the video below and see if couponing is right for you.

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I am a lover of God and a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ. I serve Him as the Associate Pastor to Children and Their Families at First Baptist Church of Borger, TX. For over 16 years I have pursued God’s call upon my life to minister to families in various forms and capacities. I serve alongside my wife, Ronnie, and my four beautiful and amazing children. Together we seek to bring children and their families to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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  1. It is well worth the effort and time! I have even come to really enjoy going to the different stores and seeing the numbers go down as the coupons are scanned!

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